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Memorial Day

A response to a reader’s comment to my big-box article.

And Summer Begins…

Ahhh… the joy of summer…

Quality vs. Quantity

Would you rather spend $50 on a faucet you’d have to replace in 3 years, or spend $80 on the same faucet from another store that you’ll never have to replace? I know where *my* money’s going…


No excerpt this post, sorry.

Musical Baton

I have been passed a Musical Baton by Eric Meyer…

Just a Quickie…

No excerpt for this post, sorry.

A Weekend Begins…

So this is Saturday, the first day of another (far too short) weekend. Quite a banal post, if you ask me.

Up in Arms

Another post about the new Wal*Mart at Steelyard Commons.


I’m having a beer tonight — I earned it. You might think my reason a bit banal, but I really don’t care: one job down, 42 more to go!

The Rule of ‘C’

Because no one likes working with a grump.