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My Ribs Are Sore.

I’m laughing too hard at this one.

West Side Market Story

Another in the West Side Market/Wal*Mart series, which I thought was pretty much dead, brought on by a comment.

Just in Case You Were Wondering…

No excerpt this post.

More Modulating.

A continuation of last night’s post.


A catch-up of linky things of possible — or dubious — interest.

Willoughby Classic Car Show

No excerpt this post, sorry…

Four Layers

60 – 90 comment spams per day down to less than one, and we’re starting to breathe easier…

June 2005 RCI Award

Finally… I had to wait for things to settle, first… the June, 2005 Recto-Cranial Invert of the Month Award.

A Bad Night

No excerpt this post, sorry.

On Writing Well

I’ve seen far too many poorly-written “how to market with a blog” posts to keep my mouth shut.