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The increasing popularity of tiny, hand-held or cell phone cameras will have a major impact on behavior, most fortuneately this…

Preseason Assessment

I just watched the Browns lose to Carolina in a preseason game; these are my thoughts.


A new meme takes over cyberspace… are you of the Body?


If you’re hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic or sesquipedalophobic (fearful of long words), you may not want to read this… cross-posted at


Post 100 (sort of). Essential knowledge every Greater Clevelander absolutely, positively needs. Well…

GCB Meetup

Blogging from the Greater Cleveland Blogger Meetup, Wednesday 17 August 2005.

Cold as Ice

Ruminating about jump-starting Cleveland’s lagging job market, economy, and attitude. My answers are here.

Big Blue

Surviving the Era of the Big Blue Box. This post won’t make me any more popular around my fellow Cleveland bloggers.


Just a quick post… nothing special…


The Euclid City School District tries to sneak one past area voters — and gets a black eye.