Archive for December, 2005

A Christmas Wish (List)

It’s Christmas Eve; here are my hopes and wishes for the City of Cleveland and some of its area residents.

Christmas Light Show Shut Down

A fantastic light show for Christmas was shut down by its creator after problems with emergency services.

A Funny Email

My bride received this email from a friend; I thought I’d pass it along for all you anti-Wal*Mart folks.

Bah! Humbug!

My thoughts on another Christmas season.

Bread and Soup

My bride and I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend Eric and Kat’s annual Bread and Soup Party.

A Christmas Gift I Want

This is the ultimate gift I could get this Christmas. Sadly, someone in the UK would have to give/send it to me.

Upgrade City, Baby!

Finally, I have upgraded WordPress. It was a lot less hassle than the last time.