Can You See Me Now? Good!

Arabica Coffeehouse at Case Western Reserve University hosted another Web Design Meetup last night. Only 3 attended, those being Grayden MacLennan, Eric Meyer and myself.

I’m normally disappointed with this kind of turnout, as a rule. Last night was a little different, however. With a more intimate setting, I learned a lot about PHP, WordPress and WordPress Plugins, Case Western Reserve University and Eric’s history with the aforementioned institution, and far more than I had ever known before — or would have known — given a larger, more inquisitive and less intimate group.

What Eric directed me toward after the meetup, however, was the eye-opener of the month, to say the least. Eric and I share a passion for photography (I minored in Photography at Ohio State). Eric pointed out to me the Wired story about the Gigapixl Project, an awesome project built from the ashes of extremely old Cold War technology.

The images from this project blow me away: the detail, the finite resolution… all of it.

It makes me wonder about the validity of those tales you hear that the US Government is able to read, from a camera perched on a satellite 4 or 5 miles above, the page number on the issue of the Plain Dealer you’re reading while sitting on a bench in Edgewater Park

Folks, this technology is at least 40 – 50 years old: it’s declassified and decommissioned, freely available to anyone that has a few extra bucks burning a hole in their wallet. This guy put together a 4 GIGApixel camera (compare that to my 5.24 megapixel Minolta!) — from hopelessly outdated government surplus parts!

I have to wonder what the government is using up there today.

And to think that George Orwell was worried about 1984

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