New Linkage…

I just received an email notifying my that I am now a member of the Ohio Red States blogroll. They describe my blog as “the ultimate extension of the original Gutenberg press.”

He he.

OK, so they took a quote from another web site. I’ll buy that, as that is how I view the Internet and blogging in general, but that is far from how I view the point of this blog.

Come to think of it, this blog has been redefined — especially since the crash — as a blog about more than just web design and CSS; I have allowed it (and redefined it, although not consciously) to become more of a commentary, essay-oriented, op-ed site than I had originally intended.

Be that as it may, that is my writing style. Always has been; I guess it always will be, although I also write some fiction and a little poetry. I wanted, initially, to write about standards-based web design and provide some critique, but it seems as if the market for this is full.

I wanted my own voice.

So I have returned to writing what I already know, which is what writers always do best, anyway. Stephen King wrote in his book, “On Writing,” that a writer should write to please himself (my bride gave me this book). Needless to say…

I have debated telling to change my description to “A Blog from the Mouth of the Mighty Cuyahoga River”; I have decided against it.

I think I’ll let it stand as it is.


  • by Michael Meckler 21 Feb 2005 at 7:32 am

    Anytime you want to change the site’s description on the list, just let me know.

    BTW, we once had a sportscaster here in Columbus who called himself “the Mouth of the Olentangy”. I suspect it was his shtick in whatever market he was employed to call himself “the Mouth of (insert local river here)”. I don’t know whether he ever worked in a market without a major river flowing into an ocean, lake or other river.

  • by Lori Kozey 26 Feb 2005 at 1:55 pm

    What is now my bloglike thing has evolved many times over the years. I think one of the most attractive things about this medium is that you’re not locked into a format or tied to design or content decisions you made five years ago (frames, anyone?), nor are you beholden to anyone in what you choose to write about (or not).

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