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We just came back from the Ohio Associated Press Award luncheon in Columbus, Ohio — with a couple of notable returns.

A Milestone.

I’ve made a milestone in my battle of the bulge.

What do you watch?

An interesting discussion on Easter Sunday led to this. A word of warning, however, they might find your corpse in a bodega somewhere, with evidence of petechiael hemoraging…

It Won’t Be Enough

Two men that robbed a West Side deli during the Christmas season of 2004, killing two people, including a new mother, were convicted yesterday. While their sentence has yet to be determined, it won’t hardly be enough.


I am now armed with a camera phone. Warning: I have Photoshop — and I’m not afraid to use it!

iPod Heaven

Sitting in an Arabica Coffeehouse on a Friday night, taking advantage of 6Mbps bandwidth, and surfing the web can be a distracting experience…

Political SPAM

I keep getting emails from some guy in Zanesville running for political office that I don’t want.

A Moan of My Own

I’ve been waiting to do this: take an online look at the Monday Moaning feature in the Monday Cleveland Plain Dealer.