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Shock the Monkey

Why do all of the latest Top 10 tunes sound the same?

Kicking the (Cooper) Tires

A little help, please: I have a client that has made a request, and I’m looking into it; I need your feedback.

This is Cool

Scientists can now bend the electromagnetic spectrum (well, microwaves) right around an object and make it look like it isn’t there at all… well… almost…

Quote of the Day

This man doesn’t know how right he is.

There’s Gotta Be Another Way

In 1997 and again in 2002, the Ohio Supreme Court declared that Ohio’s public school funding was unconstitutional, relying too much on property taxes. Now, four years later, we’re still trying to raise money through property taxes. It is painfully evident that we need to find a new way to fund our schools. And we’re doing… what, exactly?


I no longer have to pay for Weight Watchers meetings… Yippee!

Hot Hops.

My thoughts surrounding the sad destruction of about 4 percent of the nation’s hops in a warehouse fire in Yakima, Washington.


A Washington Post photographer repays vacation expenses after working for phony WalMart blog.