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What a Game!

My thoughts on tonight’s OSU-Michigan game. Sorry (not really!), but this is a big thing for me…

Buckeyes Win Third Straight Over UM, 42-39

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team won its third straight game over the Michigan Wolverines, 42-39, in an electric game in Columbus, Ohio.

A Sad Moment

Bo Schembechler collapses and dies during the taping of a television show this morning.

Oh, Braylon, Braylon…

Braylon Edwards spouts off again.

Such a Waste

Looking up fodder for more OSU-Michigan blather, I found another “Full Cleveland” programming job by one of our local TV affiliates.

New Stuff…

Great post title, eh? Of course, if you’re reading this, you already know I have some new stuff here, right? Well, you gotta come over here and see what I’m on about.


I have to get this stuff outta’ me so I can focus on the big game this weekend. And no, I’m not talking about the Browns-Steelers game, either (you wish!).

Oooops! I Did It Again!

A redesign of the Bend in celebration of this week’s big game. It’s the best yet.

Reverse Progress

Buying show tickets online can be a great tool — but only if it’s done right. As usual, folks doing a Cleveland show are doing a Cleveland job with ticket purchases.

Interesting Graphic

An interesting graphic from tonight’s election.