Just Breezin’ Through…

My bride and I went to Bahama Breeze, specializing in Carribbean food, for dinner tonight (warning — this web site is loud, and the music annoying!).

I have to admit that this is probably one of the best restuarants we have been to, even though it’s a chain. The service was prompt and polite, even though I took a dim view of our waiter, Ryan, constantly leaning on our table while explaining the menu.

The food was excellent, and a nice value for the money. My bride had the Chicken Margherita, lesser portion, while I had the Chicken Santiago, also lesser portion.

Did you note the menu choice of “lesser portion”? Yes, dieters can take advantage of their generous portions and still feel full and satisfied with half the dinner, even though the price isn’t halved.

Trust me, the lesser portion is quite enough. In fact, it’s more toward a proper, healthy serving size, although the chicken serving was about 8 ounces (still twice the proper size). Sadly, it’s not offered on every menu item.

Both selections were outstanding, properly done, tender, juicy, and drooling with flavor.

And I mean –drooling– with flavor.

The Chicken Santiago (grilled) comes with a creamy roasted red pepper sauce that is a little spicy and downright delightful; the Chicken Margherita (also grilled) was marinated in fresh lemon, lime, honey and tequila, which made for a tasty delight.

The shocker was the alcohol, which I paid for before we took our table: 2 pints of Bass Ale and 2 Diet Cokes ran up a pricy $12.75, more like New York pricing than Cleveland. The rest of the tab consisted of our dinners, complete with two Breeze Salads (tossed salad with a dynamite citrus vinaigrette), for a tolerable $28 and change.

We gave a generous 20% gratuity, even though Ryan annoyed me by leaning on my table: at least his heart was in the right place, so we decided to give him credit for his effort.

All in all, I would recommend Bahama Breeze for lunch or dinner: the food is quite tasty, the atmosphere is pleasing — nowhere near as annoying as their web site — the prices are agreeable, and the service is excellent and cheerfully delivered.

I know we’re going back there — and soon.

(73.8 — 54.2 — 19.6)

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