A Good Laugh…

Just about anyone who works on the Web has heard, at one time or another, Microsoft Internet Explorer referred to as “Internet Exploiter,” or “Internet Exploder.”

I, myself, am quite fond of the latter term — especially at work, where Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 take up about half of my coding time — doing exactly as I call it: it explodes the Internet on-screen.

It drives me nuts.

Every once in a while, however, Firefox will chuck a wobbly, too — as it did for us this afternoon: we ran into an issue on a site with a special CSS print style sheet, and if you printed from Firefox with the option selected to print background images, Firefox would promptly crash every time.

Not good, Maynard.

(A minor change in the print style sheet corrected the issue, thank you very much.)

The funny part of the story happened while three of us were in a brief, impromptu conference about this bug: one of them inadvertently referred to Firefox as “Fire Escape.”

It’s the new joke in the office.

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