I’m Watching You…

More than once I have written about stupid drivers.

My favorite — complete with photo — is this post, where someone didn’t have the time to clear off more than a handful of snow from their rear window before taking off on an incredibly bad snow day to drive all of 10 miles an hour through snarled traffic.

Other times, I’ve given in to random thoughts about people with no common sense. Yes, a favorite theme around here at the ‘Bend, but sometimes I just can’t resist.

I’ve even taken an ominous tone at times (see thought 4: well, OK, I thought that opening a post with thoughts on the Mob, even though a fictional family, would lend some darkness to the post) about what I see on Cleveland streets.

So now I have found someone with my own ideals at heart. Someone who has the right idea about how to use the web in a grassroots effort to make a serious change for the better.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: PlateWire.

Not to be restricted to a mere blog about bad drivers — this guy is flagging plates all around the country, having users tell their stories about who did what when — along with car descriptions and license plate numbers.

And, yes, the plates are uncensored.

I registered as a user, which is free. I see enough nonsense every morning rush hour that I can’t help but keep my eye out for bad drivers — some of whom I see plying their trade every morning. And yes, I plan on participating — regularly.

Forget about traffic cams, people — look out for PlateWire!

Not to be outdone, there is another site in the works: PlateXchange.com. Not to be outdone by PlateWire, PlateXchange has a ncer design and an interface that is easier on the eyes as well as easier to navigate (so far — it’s still in beta as I write this).

So word up, bad drivers all: someone is watching you — and we’re nearby, with cameras, notepads, and Internet connections at the ready.

Go ahead, idiot drivers: make my day.

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