More Griping…

So I upgraded to Leopard last week. Great. I love it.

Today, I can’t seem to log on to my roadrunner email — outbound only. So I connect to roadrunner tech support (live chat), and the idiot online tells me it’s an Apple issue — after I had already determined that it was the Roadrunner SMTP server that was at fault.

My God, it must be hard finding good help these days…

As far as Roadrunner goes, I find also that a Mac user can’t access anything on their support site — even when you have the latest Flash plugin, the latest this plugin, and the latest that plugin. They don’t even list OS X in their support documents.

The kid that took care of me, Jason, tried to treat me like an idiot. Hehe…

I called him on it.

And, like a dog bent on revenge, I left them a little calling card: I turned on Terminal, told it to ping the roadrunner SMTP IP address, and left it pinging. It’s still pinging, almost two hours later…

It serves them right.


Today was Election Day, and, as my usual, I served my community.

Early. And often. Hehe…

No, seriously, I did vote properly this election.

Up for grabs this year was Euclid mayor. Here’s the real deal, from a Euclid resident:

The city is, today, FAR better off than before Cervenik took office. Far better off. It’s better policed, better served by its civil services, and has far less “bad” trouble than it had before Cervenik came to term. Beyond that, with this, you have to wonder about Gudenas.

Ed Gudenas couldn’t have improved on it, either: both lawsuits, the federal lawsuit concerning voter precincts and implied racism, plus the other lawsuit about the new church development — went forward because of the actions of Ed Gudenas, not Bill Cervenik. We’d be in worse trouble under Gudenas today had he been in office rather than Cervenik — and there’s no doubt about it.

This election, Gudenas had the gall to mail a leaflet that deplored the fact that Euclid has over 850 homes for sale.


Of all the gall.

*I* bought in Euclid; it’s because of Gudenas — a neighbor — that I’m sorry I did. (By the way, I have at least 4 other links to that story and/or its ramifications. And: I’m a neighbor — trust me — Gudenas has done nothing for Euclid.)

Cervenik was the obvious choice.

I can only hope that the rest of Euclid could see this; we’ll have to wait until late tonight or early Wednesday to find out, however, as the local TV stations aren’t even providing a ticker (and it’s already 9:00 p.m.)…


I still have issues with the way people drive here… After getting cut off by at least three drivers that decided that the lane they were in wasn’t fast enough, I was courteous to a guy getting on the ramp at the Innerbelt Southbound at Prospect Avenue at 8:00 this morning. He was going a little slow, but I let him on in front of me anyway. I was being courteous.

He proceded to drive at 25 mph all the way through the I-77 ramp and onto I-77.

No faster.

I rarely give the finger to anyone on the road, but I was forced this morning — talk about inconsiderate — talk about hanging someone else out to dry: I almost got clobbered by a huge truck because of this guy.

Next time, I won’t let him in, sorry. Not putting my life up for grabs when others are out there taking everything they can.


Meh. That’s enough for now.

Go Bucks!

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