Next Time…

Recently, I received an e-vite. Only, it wasn’t an e-vite, it was an announcement. No names or other information will be given, as it is not appropriate.

Anyway, this e-vite announced an event and “invited” a significant number of people. I responded positively, that I would be honored to attend.

I find out tonight that this individual used the e-vite system to make an announcement — not to invite people to an event. The e-vite system requires a date and time for a posting, but this person used the system to get their announcement out — without an actual event.

There are better tools for something like this.

Now I am in the embarrassing position of not knowing how to deal with this: do I retract my acceptance and state that I didn’t understand the missive? Do I ignore the corrective response? Do I fall all over myself in apology and embarrassment?

Or should I just refrain, in the future, from digging this stuff from my spam filter?

So much for using the “semantic web” in a “semantic” manner.

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