So… How Come… ?


How come Cleveland drivers with large vehicles (SUVs, large pickups, etc.) drive like brazen idiots on a mad charge like lemmings to a cliff? During rush hour? Don’t you know that you’re making things worse with all of your lane changing and swerving? You actually make things go slower?

Naw, I didn’t think so…

How come Cleveland sports writers (and journalists as well!) always think that doom is just around the corner for our sports teams? Let’s face it: the Indians just had a banner year — they made it to the American League Championship Series and went to 7 games, then Boston swept everyone else — and they are built for a long-lasting run at the coveted World Series Championship.

Let’s face facts, folks: the Indians will return — again, and again, and again. I predict that they will become a hated team in the Major Leagues in the next few years because they’re going to beat a lot of great teams and win it all a few times over — and soon. Your cynicism is not only dour, it’s unfriendly and, ultimately, offensive, not to mention overly-pessimistic.

Grow up.

The Browns? Well, they’re showing some life; time will tell: lay off them for now, OK?

The Cavs? Well, they might not do as well as last year this year — but they may not, either — you can’t paint the picture properly after two games.

The Buckeyes? Hmmmm… Interesting… You’re asking a die-hard OSU alum here, so I may not be totally objective… but I think they are having an interesting year: when you consider that Jim Tressel always seems to get the best out of the kids he has, I think they have a good shot at the whole enchilada this year — albeit in a year when the NCAA is totally topsy-turvy.

But a National Championship is just that: a National Championship. I’m not going to complain. So, if they win it, shut up, OK?

And how come the Big Ten Network just now pulled out of talks with Time-Warner? It took them how many months to realize that TW won’t budge from their money-for-nothing philosophy?

Kudos to the Big Ten Network for sticking it to Time-Warner, even though it thoroughly screws OSU alumni that have Time-Warner Cable, like me: take it to them, Big Ten! I’ll sacrifice a few games — maybe even a year or two — for Time-Warner to get the point.

Seriously, Time-Warner has very little to go on, except its desire to screw its customers; let’s remember one thing: Time-Warner has the absolute worst customer service record in the history of cable TV, bar none.

But: what do you want for a government-supported monopoly?

So now an Ohio legislator has gotten into the act and is drawing up legislation to make them go back to the bargaining table and hash out an agreement.

Get real: Time-Warner has a monopoly, which is supposedly illegal in this country — so why do we have to put up with this crap? Time-Warner is trying to push their weight around because they are the leading TV provider in numerous Ohio counties — just like Microsoft has done over the years in numerous markets.

Sorry, Time-Warner is dead wrong. (And all my bill has done lately has gone UP, not down, as they want to say, regardless of their latest price drop — which they did only to encourage people to side with them in the Big Ten/Time-Warner argument.)

Time-Warner can go to Hell, for all I care, the money-grubbing assholes. Find me at Panini’s in Willoughby tomorrow for the game… at least I’ll see it in Hi-Definition…

And how come Giant Eagle has raised prices on WeightWatchers food when WeightWatchers hasn’t raised its wholesale prices (I know this because I’m a WeightWatchers employee, and I get the price lists!)? Why did this happen right after they had to succumb to customers’ wishes when they mistakenly tried to discontinue the double-coupon discounts? Seriously, WeightWatchers food is now unaffordable.

Call that revenge against healthy eating.

Screw you, Giant Eagle: I’ll buy it elsewhere, thank you. That’s called “choice in the marketplace.”

You know… getting me going on this stuff distracts me… I have so many more questions… I must be getting old… or something… hehe…

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