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I am watching the Indians get thumped by the Boston Red Sox tonight. OK, it was bound to happen; the Red Sox have a good team this year. The Tribe is good, too, so I’m not all that worried; they’ll bounce back. The might not win the series, but they’ll bounce back and make it respectable.

Enough of baseball. I’m on to something else.

My beloved Buckeyes are hosting Kent State at noon Saturday (tomorrow — or today, depending on when you read this) at the ‘Shoe. The game is being televised on The Big Ten Network.

Time Warner Cable, unlike their competitors who feel that The Big Ten Network belongs in the standard tier, feels that I should pay a premium for this network.

Like I was subscribing to HBO (which I don’t).

Meanwhile, every other cable service provider offers up The Big Ten Network for no more than their regular monthly fare.

Greedy bastards. Anything to make a buck.

If I had a choice, which I don’t, I’d use another cable provider. I wouldn’t even flinch at the thought. The money-grubbing a-holes (sorry, not G-rated) at Time Warner want to squeeze every last, living dime out of each customer they screw with their over-priced service.

Time Warner Cable gets the long-dormant Recto-Cranial Invert of the Month Award for October, 2007.


My other thought comes from trying to make a purchase at (the OSU Team Shop online): if you own a Mac, forget about it — it’ll never go through. Error city. They’ll tell you that your credit card is either invalid or has insufficient funds.

My card is in excellent standing, and I have more than enough funds to pay for my purchase some 300 times over.

They tell me it’s an error in their system.

Bullshit. (Again, sorry for the lack of a G-rating.)

They have so many IT students at OSU that programming a secure web store should be totally free for them — yet they still use PayPal — which they pay for! Using OSU IT students to program their site would be a great teaching resource, as well. OSU offers many co-op positions and internships for things just like this — so why don’t they use it?

What really ticks me off about them, however, is that they are only open Monday through Friday 8:00 – 5:00. When the Hell am I supposed to contact them without taking myself away from my own job? WTF?

You guessed it:

Runner-Up, Recto-Cranial Invert of the Month, October, 2007:

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  • by Whysyn 15 Oct 2007 at 1:32 pm

    I can’t say for sure what the BigTen’s terms are, but I hear they are similar to NFL Network. We wanted to add NFLNet to our offering (I work at a cable company), they wanted $0.25 per subscriber. Do you have any idea what your bill would be if the carrier’s cost was $0.25/sub on every channel? Both NFLNet and BigTen refuse to allow themselves to be in any tiered package, which really screws the budget on a cable carrier’s basic plan.

    NFL Network ran a very effective propaganda machine to make Time Warner/Comcast look bad over the deal. We (not TWC/Comcast) caved, but we’re losing money on it.

    Please call TWC and complain. They need to come to the bargaining table with some “budge room.” However, after calling TWC, I suggest making another call to BigTen to complain as well for having unheard of prices for a niche network.

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