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On the Road Again…

The Hall of Fame itself is a sight every baseball fan should see at least once in a lifetime, but the other exhibits bored me after a while, truth be told.

When Thongs Attack

What is a Los Angeles traffic officer doing wearing a thong in the first place? To remove a panty line from her work trousers? Is she trying to stop traffic or cause an accident?

Arrrrrggghhhh!!! It’s Late, Matey!!

I’m dead tired. This is the fourth site launch in as many weeks for me, and each one has been a challenge in one way or another. This site was going great last night in my development partition on my live server, so it was time to push — and a few things are now a little wonky.

Delays & Deferrals

Equipment problems (mainly the ISP) have delayed some vital updates. Time marches on; upgrades are behind schedule, but will happen soon.