Dinner at the Salt Mine…

We jaunted off to a local restaurant tonight, as is our custom on pay weeks. Since we had a gift certificate from Cleveland Independents for Willoughby Brewing Company, that’s where we chose to go for dinner tonight.

My bride had the Santa Fe Chicken Salad, which required some potable to chill the flame. I, on the other hand, had the Glazed Salmon.

The salmon was excellent, perfectly done. The risotto it sat on, on the other hand… let’s just put it this way: in my honest opinion, the chef at Willoughby Brewing Company needs to go on a strict salt-free diet for about the next six weeks, then taste his food: the risotto tasted like it came straight out of the Cleveland salt mine (sorry, this links to a PDF!).

Seriously: there is absolutely no need for 3,000mg of salt on a side dish when your daily suggested intake of salt is only 2,400mg — 2,000mg for those of us on a low-sodium diet! This is, and has been, my complaint with the food at WBC: the main course is generally excellent, but the side dishes suffer from severe sodium poisoning.

I’m going to be swollen for the next week at least.

The beer, on the other hand, is improving, although the barkeeps have no idea that a beer is supposed to have a head on it — and have no idea that a beer with a head on it is actually easier to carry around without spilling.

I shouldn’t have tipped as well as I did. But, had I not, the message would not get through. Alas…

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