Changes Ahead…

If you’re not seeing little tiny lines differentiating the columns on this site, then you are seeing the (not so) old version of

A new version is coming, and soon: the current version, by a stoke of misgenius, is not rendering correctly in (OMFG, no!) Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

IE 6 I can live with; IE 7 I can’t.

The delay comes from other projects in the fire: another site that I am about to launch (given mediatemple’s current status), and a little more testing; and a static client site just received this morning.

Adjustments will happen by Friday, as will the new site, which will be announced at the same time.

Further, I am going to change the focus here, and develop a more historic, positive, Cleveland-centric orientation, with the mind of helping those who want to make Cleveland a more attractive place to center their business (or to travel to).

Details to follow soon… well, as soon as the blogging trip to Washington DC is finalized… please stay tuned…

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