MeI am Will Kessel, a 51-year-old web developer living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Rocky River High School in 1977, and I attended The Ohio State University School of Journalism (hence my love of writing).

When I went away to college, my passion hadn’t yet been invented; that took another 12 years or so. In the interim, I have worked in retail, sales, and I have been a licensed dispensing optician; my optical career ended in 1993 when I developed severe tendonitis which effectively prevented me from holding or using small tools. Time and excercise have alleviated the greatest of the condition, although my wrists still get tired and sore while using tools or doing extensive typing. I have also worked as an automotive database analyst, and sold fireplaces, gas grills and patio furniture over the Internet.

So why do I do this?

My family originally moved to Cleveland in the early 1830s, before there were 2,000 families in residence in the city, making me from one of the oldest families in Cleveland. With that as my background, I have an interest in the history and culture of this city, as well as a desire to help change it for the better. In my honest opinion, you can’t know how to change something for the better unless you know where it’s been.

I also enjoy digital photography and working in Photoshop; lately, however, I have been learning QuickTime Authoring Studio (QTVR) to make large, multi-image, stitched panoramic photographs — photographs you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see or create unless you had a special camera priced into the tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars. You’ll find both my regular and panoramic photography on my Photography page.

As I stated above, I am a web designer and developer. My Portfolio page is just that: web sites I have either created, designed, or worked on extensively, working either for myself or a professional concern. Some sites have my name emblazoned on them, either in the CSS files or in the (X)HTML headers; view the source code if you’re interested in how I accomplished a particular effect, although none of it is particularly unique or earth-shattering on the Standards-based design front.

Other than that, this is my place, my little corner of the world, where I can hang out and sing my own tune and march to the beat of the drummer I hear — however measured or far away. If you like what you see or read here, please feel free to drop me a line by using my handy contact form, or via your own e-mail client at: will <at symbol (no spaces)> this domain.