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Dinner at the Salt Mine…

Seriously: there is absolutely no need for 3,000mg of salt on a side dish when your daily suggested intake of salt is only 2,400mg — 2,000mg for those of us on a low-sodium diet! This is, and has been, my complaint with the food at WBC: the main course is generally excellent, but the side dishes suffer from severe sodium poisoning.

Rolling Down the Right Side

I recently lamented the closing of Shinano’s Restaurant, a mainstay in South Euclid with some of the best sushi available on this side of town. Unfortunately, they are looking for new digs, and closer to Solon — if the rumors are true.

Seemingly lost and bereft of anywhere reasonably close for decent sushi, I thought I was a goner. No such luck: I found a great sushi place close by.

Salty Milk

You won’t believe this, but…

I Swear, It’s Gonna Happen

One of these days, when some guy wearing far too much cologne comes near me, I’m gonna puke…

No Soup For You!

OK, so I had a beer or two this afternoon. Doesn’t mean I can’t brew a mean soup.


Kirstie Alley shows off in a bikini.


I no longer have to pay for Weight Watchers meetings… Yippee!


A couple of folks in my past said that I don’t have the “sticktoitiveness” to get jobs done. Check this out. Touché.

Just Breezin’ Through…

Just a quickie post about a local restaurant.

iPod Heaven

Sitting in an Arabica Coffeehouse on a Friday night, taking advantage of 6Mbps bandwidth, and surfing the web can be a distracting experience…