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A Time for Change

I’ve been quiet lately, mostly because of my employment situation, but also because I have a lot of different irons in the fire.

Bread and Soup

My bride and I had the distinct honor and privilege to attend Eric and Kat’s annual Bread and Soup Party.

The Death of Akron, Ohio

As a life-long resident of the area — indeed, as a member of one of the area’s oldest families — I can tell you most assuredly that neither city is dead; far from it: you just have to know where to look for signs of life.


A new meme takes over cyberspace… are you of the Body?

West Side Market Story

Another in the West Side Market/Wal*Mart series, which I thought was pretty much dead, brought on by a comment.

A Bad Night

No excerpt this post, sorry.

And Summer Begins…

Ahhh… the joy of summer…

A Weekend Begins…

So this is Saturday, the first day of another (far too short) weekend. Quite a banal post, if you ask me.

Up in Arms

Another post about the new Wal*Mart at Steelyard Commons.

Mother’s Day Weekend

No excerpt for this post, sorry.