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I have been incredibly busy of late, with more things to do each day than I have time for, it seems. Whoever said that when you are between jobs that you have more time, in my mind at least, had no idea what they were talking about: it simply isn’t true… [the] trip to DC created a ton of photographic and video work for me to do, and I barely have time to get it done… there are 170 photos in the series, plus another 50 or so from the funeral, and another 30 or so from puttering around DC for 3 days. I got some work ahead of me.

Live-Blogging from WKYC Tonight…

In celebration of today’s election, I’m joining MeetTheBloggers* at WKYC studios tonight.

Browns Stadium Fails Ultimate UX Test

I attended last night’s football game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. My bride came upon some loge seats, so we went. I’m regretting it.

Dinner at the Salt Mine…

Seriously: there is absolutely no need for 3,000mg of salt on a side dish when your daily suggested intake of salt is only 2,400mg — 2,000mg for those of us on a low-sodium diet! This is, and has been, my complaint with the food at WBC: the main course is generally excellent, but the side dishes suffer from severe sodium poisoning.

Delays & Deferrals

Equipment problems (mainly the ISP) have delayed some vital updates. Time marches on; upgrades are behind schedule, but will happen soon.

New App for Google Earth

Having discovered golf, and knowing about Google Earth… well, if you put the two together…

Rolling Down the Right Side

I recently lamented the closing of Shinano’s Restaurant, a mainstay in South Euclid with some of the best sushi available on this side of town. Unfortunately, they are looking for new digs, and closer to Solon — if the rumors are true.

Seemingly lost and bereft of anywhere reasonably close for decent sushi, I thought I was a goner. No such luck: I found a great sushi place close by.

Ho Ho HoJo

The biggest eyesore in the world is right here on the North Coast. You want conventions here with this staring at every visitor we have?

Thinking Green?

So are you thinking green yet? It’s April… and next week’s Earth Day… so why not? Here’s something for you to think about.

Darned Right It’s Good…

My thoughts about moving from project to project at work, and the stress involved…