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Snow Plow

I know I’ve been hard on the plow guys lately. Not really the plow guys themselves, but more their managers for what I think is some pretty poor decision making. Then came this last snow storm…

What’s Yellow and Sleeps Six?

“Stormageddon” strikes the city mid-day. We had plenty of warning, so why was there 5″ of snow on the Eastbound Shoreway at rush hour?

Moaning Left.

A Pee Dee reader hits the nail on the head. I’ve wanted to blog about this for months. And to thin a neighbor beat me to it.

Should I Buy Health Insurance?

The topic is about health insurance. Wow.


Just figured it out.


The behind-the-scenes look at television production of a live event is incredible.

Working the Debate…

I’m sitting in WKYC ready to write about tonight’s Clinton-Obama debate in Cleveland, Ohio. Politics — Yikes!

I’ll Bet Apple Would Have Done It Better…

An actual conversation with Microsoft Sync and an iPod in our Mercury Milan. Seriously. Verbatim.

There Will Be Blood

17 days after surgery, and I’m reviewing a movie… geez! ;-)

Resolutions? We don’t need no stinkin’ resolutions!

2008: No resolutions, just goals.