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Should I Buy Health Insurance?

The topic is about health insurance. Wow.


Just figured it out.


The behind-the-scenes look at television production of a live event is incredible.

Working the Debate…

I’m sitting in WKYC ready to write about tonight’s Clinton-Obama debate in Cleveland, Ohio. Politics — Yikes!

I’ll Bet Apple Would Have Done It Better…

An actual conversation with Microsoft Sync and an iPod in our Mercury Milan. Seriously. Verbatim.

And then there was one…

Saw the third of the four movies we had left to see before next week’s Oscars.

There Will Be Blood

17 days after surgery, and I’m reviewing a movie… geez! ;-)

Resolutions? We don’t need no stinkin’ resolutions!

2008: No resolutions, just goals.

A Good Laugh…

Working through some browser-related issues at work, a colleague came up with a really good slip of the tongue; we laughed for a long time.

I Swear, It’s Gonna Happen

One of these days, when some guy wearing far too much cologne comes near me, I’m gonna puke…