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Woke Up this Morning… (Pt. 2)

More thoughts on the Sopranos finale, plus a few other things…

Where the Heck are We Going?

Just a few observations about what I’m seeing lately in daily life. Wow.

Therein Lies the Rub

Some thoughts on technology, our psyches, and our sanity.

This Should Be Illegal…

Ya gotta see the photo to believe it. But, then again, if you live in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ve probably already seen it.

Information Breakdown

I’ve been focusing a lot on web usability lately; here’s an excellent example of usability in action.


A recent political study suggests that 91% of Republican campaign ads and 81% of Democrat campaign ads are classified as “negative” (attack) ads. The study suggests that they work, too.

My thoughts.

Shock the Monkey

Why do all of the latest Top 10 tunes sound the same?

There’s Gotta Be Another Way

In 1997 and again in 2002, the Ohio Supreme Court declared that Ohio’s public school funding was unconstitutional, relying too much on property taxes. Now, four years later, we’re still trying to raise money through property taxes. It is painfully evident that we need to find a new way to fund our schools. And we’re doing… what, exactly?


A couple of folks in my past said that I don’t have the “sticktoitiveness” to get jobs done. Check this out. Touché.

More Narcolepsy.

My MacBook’s narcoleptic fits increase: now it’s going in for service.